Nutritionist Haanisii Veera
First Consultation 60 mins
Follow up sessions 45 mins
Duration 3, 6, 9 months
Language English, Gujarati, Hindi
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Weight Gain

Objective : Gain weight, healthily.

Description :

Gaining weight for many is not as easy as it may seem to most. And gaining a healthy weight is another challenge altogether.

At Diet Heal, we’ll work with you to gain weight with the right nutrition and without losing muscle mass. An over-indulgent diet of fried foods, dessert binges, and other calorie-dense foods may help you pack on the kilos and look bigger on the outside but it will wreak havoc on your body on the inside.

We’ll work with you to understand your body type, and your challenges and create a meal plan that helps you gain weight, without losing your health.

Programme details :

  • Our program includes personal consultations with nutritionist Hanisi Savla
  • Meal plans curated for you based on your medical profile and dietary preferences
  • Thorough body assessment every 2 weeks
  • Delicious healthy recipes
  • Workout plan 
  • Guidance and help from our team all through your weight gain journey