Nutritionist Haanisii Veera
First Consultation 60 mins
Follow up sessions 45 mins
Duration 3, 6, 9 months
Language English, Gujarati, Hindi
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Diabetes Management

Objective : Manage and help reverse diabetes.

Description :

The food on your plate is more powerful than any pill you can take. Using ancient Indian wisdom and harnessing the power of traditional herbs and spices, portion control, and lifestyle management, we have not only managed but helped our clients even reverse diabetes, naturally.

After studying your blood sugar profile and observing it during different times of the day, we complete a thorough medical and nutritional assessment and then customize your meal plans so they’re compatible with your body and medicine or insulin dosage, if you are taking any. 

Enjoy your favorite foods like rice, mangoes, and potatoes with special diabetic-friendly recipes and discipline that we’ll teach you so you don’t have to avoid any food you like.

Programme details :

  • Our program includes personal consultations with nutritionist Hanisi Savla
  • Complete patient profile and medical history evaluation
  • Thorough body assessment every 2 weekly
  • 2 weekly Assessments of Regular blood Sugar profile as guided by Hanisi
  • Personalized food & lifestyle plan  based on your medical profile and dietary preferences with supplementation if required
  • Complete eating out guide, cooking guidelines, and a bunch of healthy Diabetic friendly  recipes to kickstart the process
  • Workout plans 
  • Guidance and help from our team to manage and reverse diabetes.