Nutritionist Haanisii Veera
First Consultation 60 mins
Follow up sessions 45 mins
Duration 3, 6, 9 months
Language English, Gujarati, Hindi
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Child Nutrition

Objective : Grow healthy.

Description :

Healthy children are more likely to grow up and be healthy adults.

Our Child Nutrition program is customized with kid-friendly meals to meet your child’s nutrient requirements as per his/her gender, height, weight, age, and activity levels. 

Diet Heal helps parents understand the very basics of child nutrition and provides them with the tools to provide their children with the right foundation for all-around development – physically and mentally.

Programme details :

  • Our program includes personal consultations with nutritionist Hanisi Savla
  • Understanding your child’s behavior toward food
  • Thoroughly detailed history regarding the child’s medical profile 
  • Detailed body assessment of the child every 2 weeks
  • Kid-friendly, yummy, healthy recipes
  • Workout plans 
  • Guidance and help from our team to foster healthy food habits for children and even help deal with fussy eaters.