Nutritionist Haanisii Veera
First Consultation 60 mins
Follow up sessions 45 mins
Duration 3, 6, 9 months
Language English, Gujarati, Hindi
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Pregnancy & Postpartum

Objective : Nurture the baby and mother with the right nutrition.

Description :

Nutrition starts from the womb.

In this program, we help to-be mothers and new mothers get the right nutrition.

For to-be mothers, we craft nutrition plans for all 3 trimesters to eat during all the 3 trimesters, customized as per the health of the mother and the growth of the baby. Our goal is to gain the right amount of weight during pregnancy along with the addition of important nutrients like folate, iron, calcium, etc that are essential for the baby’s development.

For new mothers, our focus is to help restore their health and lose excess kilos in a healthy manner while supporting the baby’s need for nutrition during lactation.

Programme details :

  • Our program includes personal consultations with nutritionist Hanisi Savla
  • Meal plans curated for you based on your medical profile and dietary preferences
  • Thorough body assessment every 2 weeks
  • Delicious healthy recipes
  • Workout plans 
  • Guidance and help from our team to nourish you and your baby during and post-pregnancy.