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My goal is to help you achieve your goals with a holistic approach towards food. I’ll help you transform not just the way you look, but how you feel and live – without taking any shortcuts or starving. Promise.

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I have been battling with weight issues since I was very young, for me eating right was boring because I never thought that healthy food can be tasty and will keep me happy, I did try out a lot of nutritionists before however you are the only one who changed the definition of 'healthy food' for me, I am still enjoying eating, I am full for longer and I have double the energy, I lost 25 Kgs with you for which I will eternally be grateful, I am enjoying the way my body feels right now and I am in a much happier place! Thanks for all your lovely advice!.

Sonam Jaggi Chopra

It's been 3 months since I started this journey with Diet Heal and I could never imagine I would be here this soon. You know I have tried a lot of nutrition plans which I wasn't satisfied.But with Hanisi's guidance and her fabulous nutrition plans I have never felt this amazing. Flexibility was the best part about her Diet plans. I couldn't believe I could lose so much weight by eating the right amount and quantity of carbs and basically she taught me how you can be friends with food and enjoy eating everything in the right way.

Nirali Mehta

Managed High blood sugars naturally From 74 to 69 it's been a great journey. My diet pattern was very irregular before coming to Hanisi. More than just losing weight, my main fight was regulating my sugars. A very big thank you to Hanisi for helping me fix my routine and health. My entire journey was good because of our interactive sessions where we discussed any new issues I was facing and also the existing problems.

Pankti Sanghavi

Lost 10kgs in 3 months and reversed PCOD Naturally I never thought I would ever lose weight after PCOD and earlier I was not so active and also on a wrong path of meeting my nutrient requirements, but with Hanisi I thought it was possible and I gained confidence towards my body and my monthly cycles. I'm happy with the way I look now. Also from the past 3 months my period cycle is just perfect and on track!.


My struggle with knee injury and weight gain was real and the person in the mirror was not me. You literally have changed my life and I am so grateful!! I feel better. I feel more in control. Food makes so.l found so much of the program easy and encouraging, and it made the diet approachable for me.

Manish Kharat

Owner and Founder of 'The Urban Yogi'

I was just rebooting life while these two new names PCOS and Thyroid devastated it again. I started my research and contacted dieticians. but wasn't so convinced. Since I stay abroad I wanted a person that I could confide in,my cousin introduced me to Hanisi and consulting her was my best decision till date.

Jessica Sharma

The best part about the whole journey was how organized the whole process is, every single aspect of health was being taken into consideration, timely calls, follow-ups, diet charts, and workout routines. Most importantly with PCOS, I wasn't sure if I would be able to fight it without pills, with Dietheal that was completely possible. The whole diet was super easy to follow and is a game-changer for the ones facing PCOS.

Priyanka Shinde

My journey from eating unhealthy to healthy food has been amazing and the credit for this goes to Hanisi. The diet never starved me. My body was getting a good amount of nutrients that were required. After losing almost 12 kgs, I gained so much confidence. People started complimenting me. And yes, I must say the follow up by her has been admirable.

Poonam Thakkar

All my life I believed that I will have to live with PCOS and it's negative effects because I had it from the beginning, but Hanisi, a gold medalist in PCOS Nutrition completely changed my perspective. I would highly recommend Diet Heal to my friends and relatives who suffer from PCOS. I get my periods regularly now and also I managed to lose 10kgs with her guidance and consultation. I am personally very thankful to nutritionist Hanisi for this cure without any artificial medicines. It really felt magical. I am a proud PCOS Warrior.

Archana Narayan

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